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How To Pack Pyrex And Glassware For Safe Shipping

Glassware is one of the most difficult things to pack up for shipping. One type of glassware in particular is vintage Pyrex bowls and casserole dishes. If they aren't prepared and packed properly, it is guaranteed that they will not make it to their destination in one piece, which can be heartbreaking for the both the buyer and seller. Here, you will learn how to properly pack your Pyrex for shipping to ensure that it arrives at its destination in one piece.

Wrap the Pieces

Ok, so if you are shipping more than one piece to the same buyer, you want to do what you can to combine the pieces into one wrapped package that will later be placed in a box. For example, if you are shipping a set of the nesting bowls, you want to stack them inside of each other and then wrap it as a whole.

Start with the largest bowl. Form a thin piece of cardboard inside the bowl, making sure that the entire surface of the inside of the bowl is covered. Now, press the next size bowl inside it and make sure that the two bowls fit nicely together. Then, add a layer of cardboard inside that bowl and insert the next bowl. Once you have all of the bowls stacked together, wrap them with two layers of large bubble bubble wrap and tape it in place.

Choose a Box

Now that you have wrapped the pieces into one piece, it's time to pick a box. The box should have about 2 inches of space around each side of the bowls. This will give you extra space to add a little bit of additional padding.

Pack it Up

Crumble up some newspaper and put it in the bottom of the box – packing peanuts can also be used. Set the package down in the box with the widest part to the bottom. Fill in the spaces on the sides with crumbled newspaper or peanuts – you want it packed tight so it doesn't shift around in the box, but not so tight that the sides of the box can put pressure on the bowls inside.

Fill the top with crumbled newspaper or peanuts until you close the box flaps and can shake the box without the package inside shifting around at all. Tape the box securely and mark it as fragile.

Ship the Package

Now, ship the package, making sure to add some insurance to it. USPS Priority Shipping comes with shipping insurance included to a certain dollar amount. Add what you need to ensure that you are not taking a loss if the package is damaged in transit.

Using this method to pack up your Pyrex and other glassware will help to eliminate the chances of bad things happening while it makes its way to where it's going. If you are not confident you can package your products well enough, consider using a professional packaging service, such as Packaging Center Inc.